What you say, how you say it, and where and when you say it, will powerfully influence your destination and your success or failure in the market.


That's where the team at J. Addams & Partners excels

In 1987, our founders, PR veteran Jeannine Addams and NFL legend Fran Tarkenton, launched the business as Tarkenton & Addams with a no-nonsense approach to client service that combines the resources of the world’s largest firms with the hands-on, high-accountability attention of a boutique firm. Addams later bought the business and changed the name to J. Addams & Partners, but the company never wavered from its original approach.


Streamlined Organization

No layers of bureaucracy, no internal barriers, clients deal directly with principals. No specialized overhead; every person billing to the account adds value to the account. Accountability and responsibility rest with the person carrying out the work.


Tight Professional Relationships

Our belief is that life’s too short to work with people you can’t trust. We’re selective about who we work with. We maintain tight relationships among our team members and clients. Close relationships prevent problems before they become crises.


Speed & Agility

No endless rounds of meetings, no endless discovery. As client needs change, we reorient and re-engage. We are unique among public relations firms in deploying the OODA loop, the rapid do-assess-improve cycle, developed by legendary Air Force Colonel John Boyd.
Observe: What’s the client current performance? Where’s the competition?
Orient: Why is performance lagging? What barriers still remain? What should we do next? What should our goals be?
Decide: Lay out the plan.
Act: Execute the plan and continue the cycle.


The Result

Exceptional speed and agility in planning and execution.

Exceptional value.

In an environment where most client agency relationships last from two to three years, we maintain relationships that span decades.

Learn to enhance communications with the OODA Loop

Read the white paper

Learn how companies enhance communications by deploying maneuver warfare strategies that shape their market environment and increase trust with employees and customers. Although most of us wouldn’t immediately jump to a link between maneuver warfare and corporate communications, Southwest Airlines, Toyota, and the U.S. Marine Corps have been successfully deploying these timeless principles for more than a decade. Dr. Chet Richards has expanded on these ideas in a recent paper, Boyd’s OODA Loop. All of Col. Boyd’s works, as well as other papers by Chet and his colleagues who study Boyd’s work, are available from Chet’s blog, http://slightlyeastofnew.com. Chet also gives speeches and presentations and consults with businesses about time-based competitive strategies that draw on principles of John Boyd. To learn more, contact us.

One of the strengths of J. Addams & Partners is speed and agility in responding to client needs. This team engages without six months of navel-staring and adapts swiftly when the situation changes. In one example, it took only 24 hours to develop a communications strategy and issue a series of position documents our organization needed. that’s unusually rapid execution.

Maurice Desmarais, CAE

former Executive Director, Battery Council International