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From taking new companies and new products to market to taking public companies through Chapter 11 to guiding clients through crises, our team has decades of experience with a diverse portfolio of clients—from startups to nonprofits to private companies and some of the world’s largest corporations.

We are a tight team of gifted professionals who honor and support one another. We are highly accountable, providing outstanding work to our clients at fair rates. We operate with integrity, work with joy and take pride in what we deliver. And we challenge our clients and ourselves to keep growing.

J. Addams and Partners has been a valued partner of Honda Power Equipment since 2002. Their knowledge of the power equipment industry, relationships with journalists and strategic counsel has helped Honda Power Equipment hone its brand image and grow its business. The attention to detail J. Addams and Partners regularly delivers to clients puts them a class above other firms.

Scott Conner

Senior Vice President Power Equipment Division, American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Marketing Communications

Honda Power Equipment

This division of American Honda Motor Company markets a comprehensive range of outdoor power equipment for commercial, rental and residential applications. In 2002, Honda Power Equipment had minimal exposure to the media and, as a result, underdeveloped brand equity for its six lines of products. J. Addams & Partners established—and we continue to carry out—the first sustainable communications platform and process that dramatically increased exposure for the product lines, supporting sales, strengthening brand equity and enhancing the consumer experience.

In 2013, American Honda awarded JA&P the Honda Premier Partner Award for demonstrating excellence in quality, value and customer service. Recipients were selected from among 46 suppliers (out of more than 1,000 eligible companies) and nominated by American Honda associates.

What we like about the new concept is that it reflects the current trajectory of Coles College and our aspirations for the future of the college, students, alumni, faculty, staff and business community. It also aligns with Kennesaw State University’s vision and mission. Working with J. Addams & Partners was a wonderful collaborative effort, and we received tremendous positive feedback from our stakeholders when we launched the new tagline. We look forward to using it for several years to come.

Mandy Brooks

Assistant Dean and Senior Lecturer of Marketing, Kennesaw State University, Coles College of Business


Coles College of Business, Kennesaw State University

Because this school of business at a leading Georgia university had grown dramatically from its origins, the administration undertook a calculated realignment in 2015 that included building a new strategic plan and refreshed mission. The result of that work necessitated an updated tagline that reflected the school’s new energy and direction. J. Addams & Partners used its streamlined process to produce a new tagline from inception to delivery in just 90 days. Today, this tagline is used across a number of branding campaigns, successfully connecting and conveying the school’s messaging to all audiences for maximum impact.

The team at J. Addams team is, quite simply, superb! They always exceed our expectations in providing services of the highest quality ranging from corporate branding and positioning, logo design, press announcements and communications strategy, product photography and videography, customer survey design, deployment and analysis as well as numerous other special services. When we need it done right, J. Addams is our partner of choice.

Frank Tracano, Jr.

Vice President, Administration & Chief Human Resources Officer, PAS Technologies, Inc.

Business-to-Business Communications

PAS Technologies

PAS Technologies is the premier provider of maintenance, repair and overhaul services for commercial and military aircraft components and equipment used in the oil, gas and industrial gas turbine industries. Its customers are companies with equipment and components that operate in high wear, high heat, and corrosive environments. To complement its massive operational expansion in performance and capability, PAS chose J. Addams & Partners to refocus the company’s market image and communicate its growth through acquisition. The J. Addams B2B initiative includes branding, positioning, graphic standards, still and video photography, website development, a complete suite of collateral materials, trade show presence and media and customer outreach.

For years, we’ve relied on J. Addams & Partners to help us communicate essential information to all of our stakeholders across a wide spectrum of media platforms. They are extremely responsive to our needs and have become trusted members of our team. Their work has been outstanding: always on point and on time. I attribute JA&P’s success to the fact that the principals are highly engaged. They invested considerable time to learn about our business and understand our culture which they bring to bear in their work. JA&P is simply exceptional!

Jim Kane

CEO, Pittsburgh Corning Corporation

Chapter 11 Communications

Pittsburgh Corning Corporation

This client is a global manufacturer of sustainable, high-performance glass products for the building, energy and industrial markets. After having produced an asbestos pipe insulation product in the late 1960s and early 1970s, the company was named as a defendant in asbestos-related lawsuits, defending and resolving more than 200,000 claims. It sought Chapter 11 protection in 2000, when it became apparent that the additional 235,000 pending claims would exhaust company resources before they could be resolved. J. Addams & Partners helped this client communicate internally and externally during Chapter 11 and devised and executed the communications platform for emergence in 2016.

J. Addams and Partners grasped our core values, understood our nonprofit budgetary limitations, and created an outstanding communications toolbox that educated our critical audiences about what the Parent Corps is and its significance.

Sue Rusche

President and CEO, National Families in Action

New Product Launch

The Parent Corps

The Parent Corps National Families in Action helps parents protect children from alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. In 2003, it obtained a $4.2 million grant from Congress to create and conduct a pilot program of the Parent Corps at 19 schools in nine states. From each school, NFIA recruited, trained, and employed a Parent Leader whose job was to educate and mobilize the school’s parents into drug prevention. NFIA brought in J. Addams & Partners to launch the program to parents and reporters in local communities. The firm developed position for the Parent Corps that overlaid the threat of the illegal drug industry against the innocence of childhood. At the end of the pilot, principals in participating schools reported that communications with parents doubled and student attendance and grades increased, while discipline problems and dropout rates decreased.

Congratulations to all of you on the product launch team for your contributions to this rating and review in one of the most important consumer publications in North America. Yes, a lot of credit goes to the development team, no doubt, but unless the product and its associated information are communicated effectively to the media, nothing will come of it. J. Addams & Partners and the Honda PR Team did the legwork, wrote the copy, produced the press kits and events − doing what PR pros are supposed to do, and it paid off. Kudos to all of you.

Kurt Antonius

Senior Manager, Public Relations, American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Media Relations

Honda Power Equipment

Honda launched the HRX, the most technologically advanced lawn mower in the world. J. Addams & Partners devised and carried out the press launch, positioning the product’s cutting-edge technology in an innovative press kit, provoking curiosity and interest to transcend the typical products in the category. The HRX received tremendous, favorable coverage in the trades and major business outlets and earned Honda a MAX Award for excellence in Marketing from Georgia State University. Even though the product had one of the highest price points in its outdoor power products segment, it was ranked first in the lawn mower category by a leading consumer publication and initial production sold out early in the first season.

During my three years as an Executive Vice President at Exide Technologies, the J. Addams & Partners team not only met my needs, but far surpassed my communications expectations. The JA&P group performs as true counselors, knowledgeable about communications on all levels and highly responsive and professional in whatever they deliver. As one example, their work in earning media coverage about EXCELL, Exide's lean manufacturing system, helped buoy the success of the initiative inside and outside the company among a variety of key stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers and investors. J. Addams & Partners is an important communications partner, and this fact I simply cannot overstate.

Robert B. Weiner

Senior Vice President, Global Manufacturing & Engineering, Exide Technologies

Corporate Communications

Exide Technologies

This 27-year client, a global leader in stored electrical energy solutions, introduced lean manufacturing simultaneously across all of its global operations as a turnaround mechanism to increase productivity, efficiencies and customer satisfaction during a turbulent period in the Company’s history characterized by numerous leadership changes and operational and cultural silos. J. Addams & Partners used the practice of lean manufacturing to communicate the viability of the company to all major stakeholders. During one year alone, the communications strategy yielded significant positive editorial coverage, positioning the company in a strong operational light, helping build confidence across the supply chain and within the financial community.

Crisis Communications

GNB Technologies

This client—a global provider of lead-acid batteries and associated equipment and services for transportation and industrial markets—was in the process of applying for a standard renewal of its permit to operate an automotive battery manufacturing plant in suburban Dallas, Texas. A community member who misread the permit application protested publicly and took his concerns to the media. He was successful in playing on environmental fears and generating negative local coverage, using constituent concerns to pressure local officials to deny the permit renewal. His tactics delayed the renewal process and caused the plant to temporarily halt production, shut down and put 400 people out of work.J. Addams & Partners launched a campaign featuring the plant manager as the face of the company and the local operation, telling the company story in a compelling, transparent, and truthful way. Not only did the facility obtain its updated permit and resume operation, the plant manager was elected Chamber of Commerce president because of his extraordinary community outreach and credibility as a business leader.

Our Clients Say

  • (This is) probably the most impressive press kit I’ve seen in a long time, and I see a bunch of them. Very well done…and very complete. Will this it to my JRN 450 class at Central Michigan University. I teach PR/Journalism there. Ed Hutchinson, Spring Garden Editor, Associated Press

  • J. Addams has been a valuable partner to PAS Technologies. Their team always goes the extra mile to understand our marketing needs. They invested their time to fully understand the PAS company vision, markets we serve, our products and services, our customers, and to ensure our messaging is relevant and on target. They were instrumental when PAS rebranded in 2014 and worked around the clock to help make the transition seamless. No matter what project we hand them, they always respond quickly, with accuracy and passion to deliver good work. J. Addams is dedicated to the marketing success of their clients, and we couldn’t be happier to have them as part of our team. Thomas C. Hutton, CEO, PAS Technologies, Inc.

  • I must see a dozen of these media kits a week—everything from tires to new trucks to motorcycles and even clothing lines, and this is the only one that stands out on the shelf. Very creative and nicely put together. Has to be the most unique that I have seen this season. Matthew Baynard, Product Evaluations Section Editor, the Rubicon Media Group Inc.

  • From our first meeting with J. Addams & Partners, we knew that this firm was different. The people around the table didn’t parade their qualifications, credentials or awards. Instead, they asked questions and listened to us. As they probed our business challenges, we began to think about our company and products in a whole new light. Their clear thinking helped us develop strategies and reposition our product lines in the market niches that contribute most to our profitability. James R. Winn, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, JCore LLC