J. Addams & Partners is a full-service, high-value public relations firm. Pure and simple, we know how to use communications to get you to your destination. No corporate blather, no spin, no bureaucratic doubletalk – just strategies that work with proven results.

Are you there yet?

Does your organization:

  • image_bulb Brainstorming
    View communications as an integral part of your business strategy?
  • image_deliverPoint of View
    Value fresh, unbiased perspectives?
  • image_bulb Differentiation
    unique position.
    Need something above and beyond to set you apart?
  • image_deliverTime
    Place a high value on time?
  • image_develop Trust
    Demand high accountability from your business partners?
  • image_develop Compete
    Operate in a demanding, competitive environment?

If so, J. Addams & Partners belongs on your team.

We understand that cohesive teams require transparency and truth from members. Life’s too short to work with people you don’t trust.

Our Clients Say

  • J. Addams has been a valuable partner to PAS Technologies. Their team always goes the extra mile to understand our marketing needs. They invested their time to fully understand the PAS company vision, markets we serve, our products and services, our customers, and to ensure our messaging is relevant and on target. They were instrumental when PAS rebranded in 2014 and worked around the clock to help make the transition seamless. No matter what project we hand them, they always respond quickly, with accuracy and passion to deliver good work. J. Addams is dedicated to the marketing success of their clients, and we couldn’t be happier to have them as part of our team. Thomas C. Hutton, CEO, PAS Technologies Inc.

  • Smart, intuitive and with no bureaucratic layers, the J. Addams & Partners firm is a true lean communications machine. No matter how challenging or complex a situation, the entire JA&P team takes the time to listen and understand before mapping out a recommended course of action. While quickly zeroing in on a client’s needs, the group pools their unique talents and expertise, enabling the delivery of everything as promised, and then some. Whether I have a problem or an opportunity, J. Addams & Partners is my go-to marketing communications resource. Michael Pittman, CEO, Lead the Way, Inc.

  • Before joining J.M. Huber, I worked with J. Addams & Partners through a period of extremely difficult time at a company where communications with internal and external stakeholders were crucial. The team at JAP was always responsive and reliable, many times working through all hours of the night to ensure information flowed in a timely manner. They placed a strong focus on customer service, often times I forgot that they had other clients as I felt they were my internal team. Their extensive history and knowledge with my company was highly valuable to ensure consistency and integrity of messaging. J. Addams & Partners is a consummate professional firm where the team really cares deeply about the clients and their needs. Lily Prost, Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, J.M. Huber Corporation

  • J. Addams and Partners grasped our core values, understood our nonprofit budgetary limitations, and created an outstanding communications toolbox that educated our critical audiences about what the Parent Corps is and its significance. Sue Rusche, President and CEO, National Families in Action

  • During my three years as an Executive Vice President at Exide Technologies, the J. Addams & Partners team not only met my needs, but far surpassed my communications expectations. The JA&P group performs as true counselors, knowledgeable about communications on all levels and highly responsive and professional in whatever they deliver. As one example, their work in earning media coverage about EXCELL, Exide's lean manufacturing system, helped buoy the success of the initiative inside and outside the company among a variety of key stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers and investors. J. Addams & Partners is an important communications partner, and this fact I simply cannot overstate. Robert B. Weiner, Senior Vice President, Global Manufacturing & Engineering, Exide Technologies

  • The quantity of work J. Addams & Partners produces with a small team in servicing clients demonstrates the high productivity and cost-effectiveness that most PR firms should deliver – but don’t. I’ve seen twice as many people at much larger firms who fail to generate even half the quantity and quality of work that JA&P delivers. Jane. H. Bick, Ph.D., APR, Public Relations Counsel and Professor of Communications